Stingray Divers is your headquarters for all your diving needs.  Our experienced staff can help you select the gear that fits your diving style.  Whether your idea of adventure is stepping off the back of a dive boat into the crystal blue water of the Caribbean or exploring the local waters, we have the gear that will make your diving adventure a memorable one.  Our goal is to offer service beyond expectations!  Service is a major factor in selecting gear.  By purchasing your gear from Stingray Divers, not only do you get our expertise in the selection process, we service what we sell.  That service starts from the very beginning.  We assemble your equipment and test it.  We spend time with you - making sure that you understand how it works and how to protect your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy from Stingray Divers?

Choosing the proper equipment is essential to your enjoyment of the sport.  It is specialized equipment and it is essential that you get the proper advice before making your decisions.  Here are some reasons why you should choose Stingray Divers. 

PriceWith the student discount for mask, fins and snorkel, special package pricing on top quality equipment, we can assure you that you are making a good investment. 

AdviceNot all dive equipment is suitable for all types of dive environments.  Our professional staff can advise you on equipment that will fit your diving needs. 

Service –  Your equipment is assembled and adjusted to meet your needs.  By purchasing your equipment from Adventure Scuba, you will also receive “Preferred Customer” pricing on servicing your equipment in addition to the manufacturers warrantee.

Choices - We can supply you with a wide selection of quality equipment from most of the major manufactures.

Opportunities -  We offer a wide variety of diver services from dive travel, both group trips or individual trips, local diving opportunities, and a dive club as well as advanced training up to the Assistant Instructor level.

Service after the sale - You are assured long term reliable service and equipment backup.  All of our staff are trained in the servicing of the brands we carry.

Safety -  You are working with one of the best dive operations in the country.  As a PADI Five Star Dive Center, we have met and maintain the quality standards required by PADI.

Should I Buy My Own Gear?

One of the first dilemmas that you face as a new diver is whether or not you should buy your own equipment.  This brochure is designed to guide you in making an informed and intelligent decision.  We do feel that it is important that you are diving in your own equipment.

Comfort - Proper individual fit means you will be more comfortable. 

Safety - You control the maintenace, which means more reliable performance.

Safety - You know where to reach for the controls and backups. 

Convenience - You eliminate reliance on rental availability. 

Price - You save money in the long run. 

Health - You know who used your equipment and when.

We can not overemphasize the advantages of having your own equipment.  Because you feel more comfortable, you will look forward to diving more, you will fit it into your schedule, and you will use your new found skills as you inteded to.  One of the main reasons that divers drop out of the sport is they do not feel confortable.  This could mean with their equipment, with their skills or both.  By diving in your own equipment and by taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course, you will not find yourself in that position.


Should I Buy My Equipment During my Training Course?

Some students feel that they should wait to buy their equipment until after they finish their course.  You may find it advantageous to purchase your equipment during class for the following reasons. 

You will get the more value out of your training when you get to train in the equipment that you will be actually use when diving. 

When you buy your own equipment during the course, you will actually get the experience of using it during your pool and or open water training. 

Our staff is right there to help you use your equipment as part of your training, rather than having to learn to use it on your own after the course. 

Combining the learning of diving skills and familiarity with your equipment will get you the most value for your training dollar. 

Increased safety is obtained by the combination of familiarity with your equipment and comfort in using your equipment to perform the required skills.


What about buying equipment over the internet? Or Used?

Buying over the Internet - The old caveat - buyer beware really applies when it comes to buying scuba equipment over the internet.  There are many website offering all types and brands of equipment.  The challenge is sorting out the sites that will offer you service after the sale.  Just because a site offers a particular brand for sale, does not mean that the product will include the manufactures' warrantee.  Many manufactures have gone as far as only offering warrantees on products purchased through authorized dealers. 

Service after the sale is key, whether you purchase your equipment from a internet store or walk in to the dive shop.  Scuba equipment should only be serviced by a factory trained technicians.  You may find the only way to get the equipment serviced is through sending it away.  This can be expense and inconvenient.  We are authorized to perform any of the service that you may need to protect your investment.

Used Equipment -  Purchasing used equipment is a risky proposition.  You do not know the service history of the equipment .  You may find, in some cases, it may be impossible to get the equipment serviced due to obsolescence of parts or the lack of a trained technician.  Your good deal could be an expensive one in the long run.

We all like to find bargains.  That’s human nature.  But we also like to be able to have the opportunity to learn, to have travel opportunities and as enjoy local diving.  It’s important for the life of local diving to support your local dive shops.  For the dive operator to be there when you want air fills, to service of your equipment and offer the opportunity to continue your dive training, we need the support of our local divers.


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