For our divers that are not quite ready to make an investment in their own diving equipment, Stingray Divers offers top quality rentals to certified divers  (REQUIREMENTS FOR RENTAL: CERTIFICATION CARD, ID AND CREDIT CARD).  


ITEM                                    PRICE               DESCRIPTION

Regulator                         $15.00               Includes: regulator,octopus & console

BCD                                   $15.00              (bouyancy compensator device) 

30 Pony Bottle                   $15.00              30cf Aluminum tank with yoke or din valve (not including air or nitrox fill)

40 Pony Bottle                   $16.00              40cf Aluminum tank with yoke or din valve (not including air or nitrox fill

80 Tank - Air                     $15.00              80cf aluminum tank with yoke valve with air

112 Tank - Nitrox              $15.00              112cf steel tank (not including air or nitrox fill)

120 Tank - Nitrox              $17.00              120cf steel tank (not including air or nitrox fill)


95 Double Tanks               $20.00              Double 95cf steel tank with manifold and din valves (not including air or nitrox fill) 


104 Double Tanks             $22.00              Double 104 ct steel tank with manifold and din valves (not including air or nitrox fill)


112 Double Tanks             $25.00              Double 112cf steel tank with manifold and din valves ( not including air or nitrox fill)


Wet Suit                             $20.00              7 mm 2 piece wet suit


Weights                              $10.00              Includes: weight belt 


Package Deal                    $60.00              Includes: wetsuit, regulator, octopus, depth gauge, fill gauge, compass, bcd, tank, air, weight belt & 25lbs of weights


This equipment is rented for the renters personal use only.  It will not be loaned or sublet to any other party.  Use of BCD's, computers, dry suits, regulators, tanks, or weight belts by non-certified divers is strictly prohibited.  The renter acknowledges that he/she is a certified diver and is in good health.  It is the customer's responsibility to clean gear before returning it.  Failure to do so will result in a minimum $25 per item cleaning fee

Reservations - Advance payment reserves equipment, and reservations are recommended. We gladly accept telephone reservations.

Identification -All Persons renting scuba equipment must have: A valid C-Card or be enrolled in a scuba open water class.  A valid Credit Card.  (Minors must have an adult with a valid credit card present) and a drivers's License of Passport.

Deposit - You must sign a credit card voucher as a deposit. You are responsible for the full replacement value of any lost equipment and full repair costs for any damage beyond normal wear. When you return the equipment to us in good working order, we return the voucher.

Inspection - We meticulously maintain our rental equipment.  it is the customer's responsibility to check the equipment and gear for proper functioning prior to leaving the shop.  Our liability for incomplete or defective equipment is limited to refund or exchange.

Late Returns - The day rate is for 24 hours and the full rate is applied to any fraction of the day.  Equipment returned late is charged additional days of rental.  Advance arrangements can be made for day-before pick-up and/or morning-after return.

Lost or Stolen equipment - The Customer is financially responsible for any loss.  damage or theft to equipment and gear rented.  Gear is expected to be returned in the same condition it left in.

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